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Some short presentations of Kling-Net

This first video shows how the devices are discovered and how they are quickly mapped in the editor.

We then use the devices connected to ArKaos MediaMaster

Here are the products presented by ADJ in 2014:

Here is a nice interview and presentation of Kling-Net on the ADJ booth

Here are some Kling-Net devices currently distributed by Chauvet:

Here are some devices introduced at Prolight + Sound by Highlite:

Here is a video showing ArKaos MediaMaster driving Kling-Net devices during a trade show in Europe

This video shows a prototype that implement 3 LED devices using 3 Arduinos.

The Arduino is a very inexpensive CPU running at 16 MHZ and having 2 K or RAM. Still the video run at 30 FPS.

The display devices

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